Choose to Be Still

The house was unusually quiet. The boys were engaged in their class Zoom session and our dynamic three year old was in the playroom happily

I’m not there yet

“…The water’s cold and I just wanted to finish washing my hair!…” [sob… sob… ugly snot cry… sob!]” That was me this morning as my long-suffering

Making the Most of Now

My Mum lived with terminal cancer for sixteen years before she passed away. Those years took us on a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with countless

A Strong Woman of Prayer

The woman who introduced Roshan to us introduced her as a strong woman of prayer. She relied hugely on Roshan when she had a friend

The Power of Dreams

Shirine’s stepfather has had Jesus come to him in dreams a number of times, but he still does not know that his name is ‘Jesus.’

A Beautiful Man

Salmah heard a parable told when she was in primary school.

The parable involved Jesus supplying an old man in the market with gold to

Developing a Growth Mindset

Do you ever think about your thinking? Have you considered how your ‘self-talk’ impacts your attitude and actions?

I remember telling myself chemistry was hard

Be That House

My husband and I decided right from when our children were very small, that we would be ‘that house’. You know the one. The one

Simplest Things

God uses the simplest things.

Yesterday I dropped in to see how our Wednesday Food Care Team were going and offered to make a delivery

Street Stories

For many years our local neighbourhood used to get together for Christmas drinks.

We all seemed to enjoy it year after year so a few


In January six families responded to the call of the Holy Spirit and went on a short-term trip to Thailand.

The team’s first engagement was


One Sunday I found myself in Crossway. I’d never been to church before but something drew me here.

I was invited to do Alpha, which


Ten years ago I came to Australia as a backpacker and met up with some old friends in Melbourne.

A very nice couple, Jimmy


Like all parents Robyn knows the highs and lows of parenting. She has the extra challenge of caring for three children all living with autism.

The Power of Activation

It seems these days I often need to activate something. A new savings card arrives in the mail and needs activating. I sign up to

Lingering Longer!

When I first had dinner alone with my beautiful (now) wife, I remember the feeling of wanting the night to go on. I enjoyed being

God of the Unexpected

I’m no fan of cats. In fact, I think you can split the population into two groups. There are cat lovers and people like me.

Go Out Into Deep Water

My five-year-old daughter Ada got out of the pool after her swimming lesson last week and her first words were: “I don’t like this new

Letting Jesus Take Control

Control. It’s something we all grapple with in life. Many of us like to try and stay in control of our lives, while for others

In my opinion…

“Well in my opinion …” We’ve all heard those words many times before. We all know opinionated people, be it in our family, friendship or work settings. We all know

Treasured Possessions

I have a number of keepsakes in my office that represent different stages of my life and they all carry memories from my past.