God’s extraordinary work through His ordinary servant

A terminally-ill, 70+ Qi Gong master received Christ via a former student during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

As we studied the Pray Go 2020 sermon series together, one of my Life Group members (let’s call her Ann) shared sad news about her former Qi Gong master who, despite leading a very healthy lifestyle, was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Lately Ann had been trying hard to break through barriers of evangelising her work colleagues and relatives. As we worked through the discussion questions, I felt prompted to challenge her to share the gospel with her former Qi Gong master as it may be God’s desire to bring her into God’s family. Ann agreed to give it a try.

Two days later, Ann whatsapp’d my wife and revealed her first time experience of leading someone to Jesus Christ – amazingly, over the phone because of stage four restrictions. She guided the Qi Gong master to read a profession of faith and reassured her that they will meet each other again in heaven.

I take three learning points from this:

1. Everyone can be Pastor of their Street / Neighbourhood;

2. Sermon series (Going Deeper) questions are really great for discipleship;

3: No matter how difficult the circumstances may seem during stage four lockdown, God doesn’t need us to be ultra-smart. We just need to trust and obey and He will bring His amazing and miraculous works to fruition in and through us.

– Harold