Like all parents Robyn knows the highs and lows of parenting. She has the extra challenge of caring for three children all living with autism.
But rather than focus on her circumstances, Robyn has taken hold of her experience to encourage and equip others, becoming a key leader and trainer in our growing Crossway Kids and Crossway Youth additional needs ministry, as well as providing training for other churches and organisations.

“Feeling like we had found a great church home for our boys, I was sitting in a service one day and I strongly felt the Holy Spirit challenge me not be a spectator, but to actively get involved in helping build Crossway’s additional needs ministry. It was a big faith step, but it has been such a blessing to see God at work in so many ways.” 

“From the first weekend we arrived at Crossway we felt so welcomed. The Crossway Kids team understood we had additional needs and they went out of their way to embrace us as a family."

From first wondering how her boys would fit in at Crossway, God has clearly been at work, with Robyn’s 13-year-old son Bailey now serving in our sensory room.
Their family story beautifully captures two of our Crossway values, “There’s room for you” and “Everyone gets to play.”
We’re thankful to God for Robyn’s family and their unique ministry contribution at Crossway.