Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To see our city, nation and the nations become disciples of Jesus

Our Mission

Loving God, loving people, disciples that multiply

Our Values

What matters most at Crossway is captured in these five value statements. They summarise the culture we see the Holy Spirit shaping at Crossway as we pursue our Vision.  Listed under each value are examples of how we collectively express the value in everyday life.


Nothing matters more

Jesus is always front and centre
• Jesus is central to everyday living. He is our role model in all of life.
• The name of Jesus features in worship, prayer, family life and everyday conversation.
• We are Kingdom focused. We celebrate transformed lives & missional outcomes.

There’s room for you

Anyone can experience authentic community
• We invite people to experience life at Crossway.
• We champion a “come as you are” culture.
• We are inclusive and non-judgemental and celebrate everyone’s individual story.

Everyone gets to play

The mission of God in the hands of ordinary people
• We are building a discipling culture (including Discovering Bible Method, missional communities, families on mission, partnering with parents). 
• We all have a role to play in Team Crossway.
• We communicate and preach “towards Monday”.

Dare to dream

Bold faith leads to innovation, influence and impact
• We give people permission to dream big and freedom to fail and try again.
• We are “promptable” by the Holy Spirit. (“What is God saying and what are we going to do about it?”)
• We are committed to using all we have to influence and impact the Church across the city, nation and nations.

We take nothing for granted

We respond to God’s goodness with gratitude and generosity
• We are a grace people – modelling a generosity of spirit and living for others.
• We practice tithing.
• We commit to seeing people in tough places flourish across our city, nation and nations.


Just in case you were wondering…

Our vision, mission and values help us at Crossway to stay aligned to our biblical mandate and where we believe the Spirit is leading us as a church community as we advance the cause of Jesus.

Our Vision Statement is a compelling, audacious statement that captures what we see is our preferred future – where we see God is leading us and what we are passionately pursuing together.

Our Mission Statement answers the “why we exist” question. It captures our core purpose at Crossway. It’s what we are committed to living out day to day as we turn our vision into reality.

Our Values Statement captures what matters most at Crossway. The five value statements speak to our Crossway “DNA”. They summarise the culture we see the Holy Spirit shaping at Crossway. Our attitudes, behaviours and priorities will all be impacted as we commit to living out these values day to day – individually and as a church community.