A Strong Woman of Prayer

The woman who introduced Roshan to us introduced her as a strong woman of prayer. She relied hugely on Roshan when she had a friend that she was praying for who started to manifest evil spirits. She would find Roshan and say, “Please make me a cup of tea,” and that was Roshan’s cue to pray strongly for the two women in the moment.

Roshan became our number one prayer support and her daughter, Shirine, became our number one fasting and prayer person and storyteller, in the progressive storytelling of the plan of the Creator, starting from the very beginning with each new person.

The woman who introduced us complained to the Father as to why she could not have as many dreams as Roshan. He answered her in a specific dream given to Roshan. Roshan said to her, “the Father said to you in my dream that the answer to your question is that I need dreams, and you don’t. You see, Roshan cannot read, and she has a simpleness about her, which is due to having had two (after Shirine’s father died) abusive husbands who beat her in the head. Once she even had spinal fluid oozing from the base of her skull. But her simple faith makes her a wise powerhouse of prayer.

One example during the time we were friends: Roshan said, “Last Tuesday the Father told me to fast and pray tonight and that I must not leave the house. I had a houseful of guests, so I told my sisters and mother, who were there, ‘God told me to fast and pray tonight.’” They laughed and Roshan proceeded to serve her guests dinner, without herself eating. The next day, Wednesday, she left the house and, close enough that she could clearly see, she saw police apprehending two men and seizing the explosives that they had, before they detonated. She saw the police tying the men’s hands behind them, and she knew why the Father had told her to pray. However, she was not at all surprised at the power of prayer in Jesus’s name. After that, we all prayed that a lot more local people would be moved to fast and pray for their own country. In fact, we started to do teaching on fasting to the friends that we met with regularly, to whom we were teaching the story-telling method.

We were spurred on to do this teaching by another friend who told us the fasting experience of their young guard (unarmed.) He had a very unkind wife. Our friends who told us the story encouraged him to fast and pray for her, which he did. The very next day he saw a total transformation in her. We told our friends this story in our teaching about fasting.

Roshan receives prophetic dreams for others, like ourselves. She dreamt that we would have a granddaughter, which will come true in January. I wondered why the Father thought that I needed this dream. Maybe it was to emphasise another dream in which she saw me on a high tower being washed, and I came down all clean with flowers around and fruitfully effective. Shirine marvelled that the Father gave her a vision, because she, too, does not receive as many dreams as her mother. In her vision she saw herself teaching a certain group of people.

This gives her hope that she may be used by the Father to reach this certain group of very needy people. Actually, a year earlier her mother had dreamt that she saw Shirine teaching this very group. It was at that time that Shirine began to very faithfully learn their language, in preparation.

Shirine needs our prayers because this language learning has been interrupted by Covid 19 and other circumstances, including her and her fiancé being out of work. And please pray for the man her stepfather has engaged her to, that the Father will prepare his heart to be a “Person of Peace,” someone who is open to begin hearing the stories. And pray that the right person will be given to him to read the stories with him, so that he will follow before they are married. Pray that together they will be a spiritual powerhouse, as Shirine and her mother already are.