Simplest Things

God uses the simplest things.

Yesterday I dropped in to see how our Wednesday Food Care Team were going and offered to make a delivery on my way home. I rang the recipient (a single mum of two children with some special needs) and found out she would be home to accept the parcel. I wondered whether I should write a note, seeing as though I would be able to talk with her from a distance. However I still decided to write a note. I’m glad that I did as this is a text I received…

“Thank you & god bless you Xx your hand written letter has moved me to tears 💕”

My note was not overly profound. I just mentioned that we would be praying for her family and offered ongoing care where needed. I also mentioned that the sun was shining and that may God open their eyes to the beautiful things still on offer during this challenging season.

I guess it was a good reminder of the power of a written note and how relational connection is so crucial for people right now.