One Sunday I found myself in Crossway. I’d never been to church before but something drew me here.
I was invited to do Alpha, which intrigued me as I had plenty of questions. In an environment which was accepting and casual, I explored all my doubts and fears. Alpha helped me to understand the gap that existed between God and me, and that despite that, God loves me.

I understood that God is there for me when I falter. Jesus gave his all for me and that was the way back to God. I’m still not in complete understanding of God’s plan for me but I’m willing to surrender to Him.

For the last year I have let go and thrown myself into life surrounded by real people with a heart for Jesus. It has been the most positively transforming time of my life. It has challenged me, as I am not really that comfortable socially, but my wonderful church and Alpha community have been so supportive and I have made so many amazing friends.

Following Jesus, and symbolising my faith in Him through baptism, is without doubt the best decision I will ever make in my life.