Ears To Hear

The following story has a “gross warning”. It involves my ear wax but stay with me as I think it provides a powerful picture for

Stage Fright

My two little girls love to put on “concerts” at home. They love to sing and dance, usually asking for a judge’s score at the

Sing a Brand New Song

Last Saturday I needed to nurse my wife’s car home from Sydney to Melbourne for repairs. Under the mechanic’s instructions I couldn’t drive above 80km.


My kids love swimming. They love getting wet. Even in the middle of a Melbourne winter they look forward to swimming lessons each week.


Just Talk

I was running this week with a colleague and he needed to stop for a breather. Now I could seek to skite and say he

The Lens We Look Through

When Dr Oliver Eslinger was invited to become head coach of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) basketball team in 2008 he knew what he

Reframing Our Perspective

You couldn’t hold back my six-year-old son’s delight when a special delivery of Richmond Tigers AFL supporter gear arrived at our place this week. There

Women of Influence

Last weekend as we celebrated Mother’s Day at Crossway we took the opportunity to intentionally focus on women of influence. We took the time to

Investing in the Lives of Others

My six-year-old son Arli has recently started AFL Auskick and while I’m still learning the ropes of the game I’ve put my hand up to

The Art Of Breathing

I took the above picture last Friday while on a walk with one of my boys on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. The walk came at

It’s All About Tone

Over the past week I have again been struck by the sad state of political discourse, both on the international and local stage – from

Running Together

The Commonwealth Games are here and as a sporting tragic I’m looking forward to taking in moments of “gold” over the next few weeks, as

The Power of Loving Sacrifice

It’s a day I will never forget. It was a special pilgrimage, a long time in the making. It had started more than three decades


This weekend we mark Palm Sunday and move towards Easter. It’s a time of year when I find myself reflecting on the things that matter most, on the


As I tucked my little boy back into bed this week after he had woken in a fright I was reminded of a time in

Soul Decluttering

Welcome to Fuel – a new Crossway blog that aims to “fuel the soul” in the midst of our busy, crowded world. On a regular