Michael’s Story  

He came from Iran and stayed for a year in our care, together with his wife and two small children. He was seeking Jesus and had a very obvious conversion and dramatic salvation. His own admission of where he was in his past was heartbreaking for us. He understood the multiplication and ‘the disciple who makes disciples’ task and had a calling to multiply. He was seeking ways to help others. Michael was practical in his offers of assistance and helped us with lots of things, including building, maintenance, and teaching others.

In his early Christian days, he asked to speak to his new country people who were, at that stage, pouring into our church services. Every Sunday was different for us. It was not possible to plan a lot, but to be prepared to be used ‘in season and out of season.’

We recognised and encouraged the leadership qualities in Michael and his wife. We opened opportunities for them to teach and develop others, while praying and fasting for them.

One day, he told us he was returning to the capital city to work with his own people. It was difficult for us to let them leave. By faith, we have sent them on their way, and this blessed result is God’s anyway!

This story of disciples making disciples is a firm confirmation that Covid 19, refugee status, and going back instead of going forward geographically as they initially desired, are not problems for GOD! Praise Him! Ps 148!

Please join us in praying for many more lives to be saved.