Crossway Worship’s new EP, Kintsugi, elevates God’s handiwork as He lovingly collects our broken pieces and makes us new.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery using lacquer and gold, Crossway Worship’s third EP delivers five new tracks that illuminate how each stage in the process of Kintsugi resembles God’s restoration and renewal in our lives.

The first track, “Future Hope”, represents the ‘break’ stage and tells how the artisan, God, sees our brokenness and chooses to focus on our potential, our ‘future hope’. “Mosaic” highlights the ‘assemble’ stage and acknowledges how the Lord lovingly and carefully puts us back together.

‘I Will Stretch My Hands’, ‘Renew’ and ‘Brand New Thing’ are built around the remaining three steps in this unique art form, ‘wait’, ‘repair’ and ‘reveal’. These songs explore the themes of worshipping God while we wait for breakthrough, trusting God’s Spirit to shape and refine us and rejoicing in His finished work!

Poetic, spoken-word pieces and unique digital artwork have been developed alongside each new track to enrich the listening experience and encourage meditation on what’s possible when we invite God into our brokenness.

To celebrate the launch of Kintsugi, Crossway Worship would love to hear a story of God’s restoration in your life. Post your story and tag @crosswayworshipau #kintsugi or message us on Instagram or Facebook.