Who is Jesus?

We are a diverse church community, with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. We welcome all people “as they are”, but we pray that everyone who connects with us at Crossway will discover the amazing difference Jesus brings to life!

Ultimately, that’s what we are all about at Crossway. We are a community who love Jesus and who want to serve him and other people in his Name.

Week after week at Crossway we hear stories of people who have encountered the life-transforming difference of Jesus and this can be your experience as well.

Jesus came into our world 2000 years ago to powerfully demonstrate that God is for us!

In sending Jesus into our broken, but beautiful world, God was showing all of us how much he loves us. In our brokenness and sin, God knew we needed rescuing from ourselves; we needed a Saviour. In his love and grace our Creator God allowed his own Son, Jesus Christ to die for us, once and for all dealing with our sin and rebellion. Three days later Jesus rose from the grave and the world would never be the same again!

Jesus said: “I have come that you may have life; life better than you could ever imagine it to be”. [John 10:10]

Through a personal relationship with Jesus we open the door to forgiveness, hope, meaning and purpose in life. We see how much God loves us and how good his plans are for our lives. We discover the joy of living for others and making a difference in our world. We see that Jesus came to make us stronger and better people. He came to open the door to new possibilities in our lives and relationships.

Everyone at Crossway is on a journey. We haven’t arrived! But we know the difference Jesus brings to life!

You are very welcome to join us and discover more about the life that Jesus yearns for you to experience today; a life shaped by love, hope and purpose!

You can learn more about Jesus by visiting Crossway or attending the Alpha course.

What we believe