The Jesus Paradigm

When we look closely at the life of Jesus, we see that he operated out of a paradigm that enabled God to work both in him and through him in ways that blessed others. Today we look at six ways Jesus did this, and how we can put them into practise to be the “pastor on our street” at this time.

    1. Jesus watched what God was doing before he acted. Read John 5:19. Jesus looked for where God was already at work and joined him there. What can we learn from the model that Jesus demonstrated in this verse? Why is this sometimes difficult for us?
    2. Jesus connected his capacity to see what God was doing with intimacy with God. Read John 5:20. Jesus shows that his deep connection to the Father comes from intimacy with him. What do you need to do to connect deeper with God? What is stopping you?
    3. Jesus anticipated that his Father would show him how to do even greater work. Read John 5:20 and Ephesians 2:10. Do you have an expectation that God will show you even greater works that he has planned in advance for you to do?
    4. Jesus listened to what God was saying to him prior to forming his opinion. Read John 5:30. What can be the greatest challenge in doing this?
    5. Jesus allowed God to instruct him on the content of his message and on how he was to deliver it. Read John 12:49. How important is our tone and body language in conveying the message God gives us to share? How can we allow God to help us in these areas?
    6. Jesus allowed God to speak and work through him. Read John 14:10. What do we need to do in order to allow God to speak and work through us?
Practical steps

How can you be the “pastor in your street”?

  1. Prayer walk your street. Do this as a part of your regular exercise routine, and look out for what God is saying and doing.
  2. Allow yourself to be interrupted.
  3. Find common ground.
  4. Allow your neighbour to be the expert.
  5. Listen to what the Father is saying to you in the moment.
  6. Dispense grace generously.
  7. Take note of people’s names and their stories.
  8. Be the distribution agency. Share in areas of felt needs.
God is not hindered by lockdown

How can I be the vessel of grace that he calls me to be at this time in the street where I live?

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