The Influence Project 2018

This week we consider what it means to invest in the Kingdom of God, to invest with heart, mind, soul and all God has entrusted to us. As a community we need to be sensitive to where the Holy Spirit is at work and how we can partner with God in the work He is doing. It is wise for us to put our resources where God’s power is already evident, to see Him to multiply His Kingdom in the lives we can help touch.

Engage with God’s Word

Consider [bible]Romans 1:11-12[/bible], [bible]Deuteronomy 6:4-7[/bible] & [bible]Matthew 6:19-21[/bible].


  1. Consider where God is at work in your community. Are there people exploring faith, making decisions to follow Christ, being baptised?
  2. What could it look like if that work was doubled or tripled?
  3. How is God shaping your community? How do those coming to faith fit into your community now? In two years? In five years?
  4. When we look through the lens of how God is already at work in our community and where that could multiply, a different urgency arises. We have to respond with what we, ordinary people, have in our hands and how God has positioned us. What has God planted in you that He is asking you to use for the Kingdom (passion, energy, skills, finances)?
  5. Take a few minutes to pray. Acknowledge how you are made, the life you live, the blessings in your life. Remind yourself how God has shaped you, how He has trusted you with much, perhaps a spouse, children, career, house, car, investments. Remember it is all God’s and He has asked you to look after it for Him. Write down everything that came to mind and give thanks.
  6. What is God showing you through these verses? What does responding with a heart of obedience look like?


Considering where God is at work in our community and where there is growth means looking far beyond our individual and family experiences. Discuss what God is doing now and look for trends that point to His future work in your community. What does it look like for ordinary people, you and I, to intentionally partner with God? How can you start this today? What is the first step for you and your family this week?

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