Mother’s Day

Part 1

As we take time this week to recognise and honour the incredible contribution that mothers make in our world, we learn a valuable life lesson that applies to every one of us. Despite our frailties and human weakness, we discover that we can approach Jesus with boldness, tenacity, honesty and humility. When we are willing to come to Him in this posture, He hears our heart with compassion and love.

Read Matthew 15:21-28

  1. What is a life lesson for which you are grateful, that you have learnt from your mum or a mother figure in your life?
  2. Read Matthew 15:21. What gave this mother such boldness to defy social barriers to come before Jesus? When have you approached Jesus with such boldness?
  3. What may prevent us from being this bold with Jesus?
  4. Read Matthew 15:24-25. What would help you to develop tenacity (persistence, determination) in your faith? What prevents this development in you at present?
  5. Read Matthew 15:26-27. The woman knew she was out of place in her approach to Jesus, but persisted anyway with humility. What would it take for us to approach Jesus with such humility? What does this change in us?
  6. Read Psalm 51:17. David, the writer of this Psalm, was honest with God about his own failings as he called out to Him. Do you find it a challenge to be honest with God? Why or why not?


Boldness, tenacity, humility and honesty are all character traits we can all develop in our personal lives and in our faith. Which one of these areas is God currently challenging you to develop and grow in? Take a moment now to pray. Ask God about the first step you need to take. Commit to implementing this first step this week.

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