Living Purposefully

Part 1

God’s purpose for believers, as written in John 10:10, is “to give them a rich and satisfying life”. The devil’s purpose, on the other hand, is “to steal and kill and destroy.” As believers it is important for us to know our purpose in life. Uncertainty about our purpose can leave us unmotivated and depressed. If you feel your purpose has been affected by lockdown, isolation and curfew, you are not alone. The reality is that suffering and isolation challenges our sense of purpose. Assigning purpose to our suffering will extend our capacity to withstand the current pandemic. The question is: How do I live purposefully?

Read Matthew 22:37-39, Romans 8:28

    1. How would you describe a purposeful life? What are some of the characteristics of someone who lives purposefully? Is it easier to live daily with a purpose in mind, or is it easier to just go with the flow? Discuss.
    2. In Matthew 22:37-39, Jesus commands our two main purposes: loving God and loving people. How have these been practically affected by the pandemic? What have you tried during this time to live these purposes out?
    3. Read Romans 5:3-5 and Genesis 45:5. From Paul’s letter and Joseph’s life we see that having a purpose will help us endure suffering. Why do you think it is difficult to focus on our purpose when we’re suffering? Share your experience.
    4. It is important to discern our specific, personal purpose. Part of this involves identifying a passion that aligns to God’s will. What are you passionate about? On a day to day basis, what energises and fills you up, no matter what the circumstances?
    5. Another step is to ask, “Am I willing to sacrifice and prioritise for this passion?” Saying ‘yes’ to follow through on your passion means saying ‘no’ to something else. What in your life right now is taking a bigger portion of your energy than it should? How can you change that?
    6. Read Romans 12:1-2. God’s purposes are good, pleasing and perfect, and knowing His will can help us focus our energy. How do you see yourself being passionate and purposeful in life?

We may have started this year with specific plans but the pandemic has stopped them from becoming reality. Proverbs 19:21 says, “you can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” God’s purpose in our lives cannot be affected by external factors. How are you going to focus on God’s purpose from here on? How are you going to love God and love people this week?

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