Bishop Ric Thorpe

Part One

Part 1

Today’s readings and clip point towards a church where the mission of God is in the hands of ordinary people – not amazing scholars or brilliant evangelists but ordinary people like you and me. Bishop Ric encourages every follower of Jesus to disciple another person, sharing the good news in the way Jesus modeled.

Engage with God’s Word

Consider [bible]Matthew 28:18-2[/bible] & [bible]Acts 19:1-20[/bible].


  1. Which verses resonate with you? Which make you feel uncomfortable? Why?
  2. Have you helped someone in their faith journey? What made you help?
  3. Has someone helped you in your faith journey? What did you enjoy or find challenging?
  4. Have you considered what it might be like to intentionally disciple someone? What interests you about the possibility? What is slightly intimidating?
  5. Who is the person God is bringing across your path? What is pointing you to them?


By following the leading of the Holy Spirit we may find a person of peace, someone who likes us, listens to us and shares what we share with them. Discuss what it may look like to disciple one person so they can disciple someone too.

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