• Do I have be baptised again, if I have been baptised as a child?
    Many people have been baptised or Christened as small children. For some this is held as a very significant event; a moment when their parents took special vows on their behalf. Without wanting to diminish anyone’s past experience, it is important to consider that the only form of baptism recorded and instructed in the New Testament is that of believers being baptised by full immersion in water. Actually, there is genuine uncertainty concerning both the historical origins and the social and theological reasons for infant baptism. As the first command of the Christian life, being baptised is the action whereby we witness to our faith and signify our unity with Christ in His death and resurrection. We encourage you to take this step of basic obedience really seriously, whether or not you were baptised as a child. It is worth taking time to talk this through carefully with a trusted friend or leader.
  • If I was fully immersed in baptism before, but it didn’t mean anything, can I be baptised again?
    Being baptised by full immersion is the first step of the Christian life. It’s not something we earn the right to do or something reserved for people who have attained some sort of higher spiritual level. It is also not something that people do again and again to try to heal a rift between themselves and God. The New Testament teaches about one baptism. Some people may have previously been baptised in a tradition that teaches full immersion believers baptism; however, they might have taken the step because they somehow felt pressured, or for reasons other than their trust and hope in Christ. If that’s the case and you’re considering being baptised again, take the time to talk through your decision with a trusted friend or leader.
  • Do I have to share my testimony?
    Baptism is a very special opportunity to witness to our faith before our friends, family and community. It’s important that we affirm that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour. It’s also a great opportunity to explain how Christ has impacted our lives so much that we’re taking this step of obedience and being baptised. However, there is no rule anywhere that says you have to share your testimony there and then.

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