Join the Care Team

Invest your time and energy to help others.

Are you a good listener ready to offer care and encouragement to others at Crossway? Get in touch with us using the form below or chat with a Care Team member in the Next Steps area after the service. 

1. Bereavement Carers

Caring and encouraging believers who can walk alongside those experiencing a season of grief. Able to listen, pray and meet people where they are.

1-2 hours fortnightly

2. GriefShare Course Facilitators

Able to show compassion and understanding; keen to connect with others in a small team. ​Required to participate in the GriefShare course (2 hours for 13 weeks) and undertake Facilitators’ Training. 

Able to deliver encouragement and support, with a heart to care for those who are divorced. Able to listen and to pray with someone where they are.

1-2 hours fortnightly​

1. Women Connect Carer

Women believers who are willing to listen and be a prayerful friend to a woman going through a tough season in life. Active listening skills, ability to guide and encourage someone in a one-to-one setting.

1-2 hours fortnightly (for 6-9 months)

2. Women Care Group Coordinator

Able to facilitate a small group of 3-5 women. Understand the importance of connecting people into the Crossway community. Team player, willing to listen, interested in people’s lives and stories, respectful of differences, passionate about helping women feel a sense of belonging and discover God’s purposes for their life.

1.5-2 hours fortnightly / monthly, on Saturday / Sunday. (for 6 months)

3. Pre- and Post-Natal Carers

Women who can see to both practical needs and the unseen ones. Able to listen, encourage, guide and pray for new and expecting mums.

1-2 hours fortnightly (for 3-6 months)

Caring medical professionals willing to help someone who feels physically unwell during church service times. Able to use their expertise to meet a need and to advise accordingly.​

3 hours (9am-12pm) on a Saturday OR Sunday (every 3-6 months)​