Small gesture, big impact!

Three weeks ago, my second eldest daughter finished her school year for the last time (cue sniffles and waterworks).

Years of early starts, packed lunches, projects done last minute, birthday party invitations, sporting events, maths tests, English homework, friendship highs and the occasional lows – all of this culminated in anything but a frenzy of end of year valedictory successes and prize night celebrations. Her school career was completed quietly and almost solemnly in a post-pandemic silence. No fan-fare. No water fights. Some quiet but thoughtful closed celebrations without families present. The students, while appreciative of the moments with friends, missed out on some of the highs of their previously graduated peers.

As the final days approached, my daughter made a small request of me. In primary school I used to write little notes that I would place in her lunchbox for her to find at recess. A small “I love you to the moon” or “I think you’re great!” note in her lunchbox became a treasured memory of her primary school days. She asked if she could have them again in her lunch box for her last week of school. How could I refuse?

She told me that when these appeared she always felt that I was with her, that I was thinking about her and that she felt close to me; they made her whole day brighter. Because however hard or tiring her day was, it didn’t matter because she knew that I loved her no matter what.

I’ve always tried to make sure that our children have no doubt in their minds that they are loved wholly and completely. But this occasional little reminder had so much impact and was remembered so fondly that she needed to hear it again on the edge of one of her biggest milestones, as she prepared for exams, ready to launch.

It felt like such a little thing really, but I could never have foreseen the impact on my little lady’s heart. And that has had a huge impact on mine.

God reminds us all the time that we are loved by Him. We just have to look to the cross to be reminded of how much He sacrificed for us! There are days when we might feel that we need a little more of a reminder of His love. In my own experience, while I don’t find notes in my lunchbox, God sends me reminders through the Bible during my study time, through songs that speak about His goodness and faithfulness, through promptings to pray, and sometimes through the people around me who speak into my life. God doesn’t send small gestures either – they are intentional and they are good! I just need to remember to listen and receive them.

God is good. He loves us so much and He is with us every step of the way.

We thank Him because He is good; and His love endures forever! (Psalms 107:1)

Kathryn Muggeridge
Kathryn is Preschool Lead Pastor at Crossway Baptist Church and the proud mum of four children aged between 11 and 19.