Learning to be Intentional

If there is anything I have learnt in the past year, it is that there is something special in intentionality. Being intentional can come in all shapes and sizes but it is 100% worthwhile.

For me, this looked like intentionally planning out things to do with my family rather than simply ‘hanging out’ for the sake of it. For example, at the end of a year, we all go out for a nice meal at a restaurant to celebrate the year that has been and all that we have achieved and to look forward to the year that is to come. We also like to be creative throughout the year – this year we created our own mini golf in our backyard for Father’s Day, as my Dad really enjoys golf. The time and effort this took was worth it in the joy it brought to my Dad.

I’ve also started to be intentional about waking up early every day to exercise and workout, getting that lovely release of endorphins to start the day. But I think the most transformational part of intentionality I have found is in my relationship and time with the Lord. During any day I would pray small popcorn prayers if you like, just praying for things that pop into my head, but I have found that dedicating a specific structured time to seek out God has been phenomenal. It can set an expectation in our hearts that we would seek and hear from God, which does seem to be how a lot of my time with God works out now. Just like in any dating or marriage relationship, intentionality is important and powerful with God as well! (not that I have any experience in the marriage side of things). For example, I see both of my parents intentionally invest in their marriage relationship by going for weekends away from us kids or having date nights, albeit that being difficult this past season of COVID. But I have found, and I am sure you will as well, that the intentional time you put into relationship, being that with God or anyone else, reaps a harvest that is strong and will continue to grow.

Joe Farren 
Joe is a pastoral assistant for Crossway Kids. When Joe isn’t at Crossway Kids, he likes to play the piano and all kinds of sport.