You Promised

Kendall’s Story

I’ve been coming to LifeCare for four years for trauma and family violence recovery, and these guys are with me for the marathon.

This place is more than a counselling service. They have so many ways that they can help you across all your needs. It becomes like a home away from home. Like, my son has a mentor through COACH, and that man is the only man in his life. He’s twelve, growing into a man. So now he meets with somebody who he can connect with and who he can look up to.

It is a home, and like home should be, I am myself here.

"I started being shown Jesus, in how people were treating me and how they were behaving with me. "

I used to define myself as a mess. The kind of mess nobody would ever want to get their hands dirty with.

But that all fell away when I started coming here. When I first started coming here I honestly believed that I was worth nothing, even to God. And I didn’t want to know about Jesus. But no one ever pushed that on me. Everyone just met me where I was on my own terms. I started being shown Jesus, in how people were treating me and how they were behaving with me. And so slowly I started wanting to know God again.

Now I talk to God every day. I read the Bible, I study the Word. It’s completely different now. Now my faith is the most important thing in my life.

"This place is more than a counselling service... It becomes like a home away from home."

If you're someone who's donated so that my children and I can come here,
I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Everything you've given — from donations, your time, your prayers.

You've given us our lives.

And you have done what you promised,
for you are always true to your word.

Nehemiah 9:8

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