The Apostle Paul’s time in Galatia was pivotal for the spread of the Jesus movement and marked the very first time that the Gospel had started to burst into the Gentile world.

Session 1


Gal 1.1-9

Session 2

Paul’s Calling to the Gentiles  

Gal 1.10-24

Session 3

Paul and the Jerusalem Leaders

Gal 2.1-21

Session 4

Faith or the Works of the Law

Gal 3.1-22

Session 5

Living as God’s Children

Gal 3.23-29    Gal 4.1-4.20

Session 6

Freedom in Christ

Gal 4.21-31    Gal 5.1-12

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Session 7

Life by the Spirit

Gal 5.13-26

Session 8

The Wrap Up

Gal 6.1-18