He Will Again

Before LifeCare

Marion is a retired speech pathologist and is a creative soul with a special interest in photography and flower arranging. She lives with depression and anxiety, which has led to her being hospitalised many times. Following an episode during an overseas trip, Marion was diagnosed with Bipolar.

Marion’s resilience to manage life and work while facing these challenges is a testament to her capacity and strength. But one time at church, when she sought prayer after the service, these words from the prayer rang like a bell: ‘God doesn’t want you to be unhappy.’

Her household situation had become difficult, relationships there felt stuck, and home was no longer a peaceful place.

Marion turned to LifeCare for support to work through her challenges.

"LifeCare is a safety net to me. It feels like a family"

At LifeCare

Marion found LifeCare to be a safety net and said,

“It feels like a family which I have a real sense of connection with. The receptionists are so friendly and respectful. My counsellor gets me and treats me like an equal. She is willing to go above and beyond for me.”

The counselling support Marion received gave her confidence and practical ways to move forward. Marion also found herself in a confusing situation with her finances and had a Financial COACH mentor help her overcome those issues. Marion also received support through LifeCare’s Community Pantry.

Marion also started attending LifeCare’s community events such as picnics and dinners. She even brought her sister along, and she felt comfortable as well even though she would normally be ill at ease at church events.

The counselling support has given me impetus to move forward.

After LifeCare

This year has been a bumpy year so far for Marion, especially with the passing of her sister.

But I’ve also come to trust that God is giving me strength to reach out to others. I’ve experienced an unexplainable joy and have a strong sense of God working through me.

Recently Marion joined the volunteer team at the Community Pantry and has found a lovely sense of camaraderie there. Volunteering has been good for Marion as it gets her out of the house and has given her a sense of purpose. She loves getting to know the Community Pantry participants by first name.

Marion’s challenges with mental health have shaped her to be sensitive to look out for others with fragile mental health. During the recent lockdowns, Marion would call and check up on her friends. She has also supported her sister’s sons in their bereavement.

"I’m not sure if I can fully live up to this verse from Philippians 4:13 yet, but it means a lot to me: 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'"

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