Thrill of Hope

Part One

Part 1

The challenge we all face at Christmas is to understand afresh the power of God Himself coming into our world as a human being, to come back to the wonderful but disturbing reality of the Incarnation in our lives. The truth of the Incarnation brings surprise. It pushes us out of our comfort zone and our “security blankets”. But it always brings the promise of real, lasting transformation.

Engage with God’s Word

Consider [bible]Luke 2:1-8[/bible].
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  1. What happened at this time 2000 years ago? How can you afresh engage with the impact of incarnation this Christmas? Discuss.
  2. Will you be different because of Christmas 2017? Are you promptable, ready and obedient to God?
  3. What do you have to do to allow change to happen to you this Christmas? (The Magi after seeing Jesus had to return a different way. Life could not be the same.)
  4. We often think of our chains as something negative and harmful. Could our chains be our comfort and familiarity, which can also be dangerous? Discuss.
  5. God chooses to work in partnership with us but we always have a part to play. Often we have to take the first step and then God meets us as promised. In what area of your life is God challenging you to pick up your mat and walk this Christmas? (John 5:1-11)


Together as a group take some time for reflection and quiet. Think through what you’ve just learned about God. Reflect on what you’ve learned about people. Consider something you’ve learned about yourself. Discuss this all together and then identify someone in your life – at home or work or school – with whom you could share. Report back about how that goes next time you meet.

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