Psalm 23

Part 1

King David wrote Psalm 23 out of his personal conviction and connection with the Lord. In the beginning of the chapter, he declares that the Lord is his Shepherd, and also that God gives full sufficiency that he “shall not want”. In 2020, many people have stated that we are living in unprecedented times. This may be the case for humanity, but as followers of Jesus we believe that for God the situation does not come as a surprise. We need to remember that He has the whole world in His hands, and at any time, now more than ever, we can draw near to and abide in Him.

Read Psalm 23:1-6

  1. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” What is your understanding of this statement? How could David declare this with confidence? Is there an area in your life that is currently hindering you from having this same conviction?
  2. “He restores my soul…” Regardless of external circumstances, David understands that God is his main source of restoration. How have you been looking after your soul? If you were to paint a picture of resting in God, what would that picture be? What is your rhythm in terms of finding rest in God?
  3. “…I will fear no evil for You are with me.” What’s your experience in walking with and without God? What are the differences? How can we remind ourselves that God is with us, all of the time?
  4. “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” How do we live each day with this level of comfort and assurance? When does fear usually creep in and try to get a hold of you? What do you do in that moment?
  5. “…and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” What do we need to do to be able to abide in Him? Why is it important? (Read John 15:1-8)
  6. What is one thing that caught your attention today based on Psalm 23? What is God saying to you?


King David went through all kinds of trials and tribulations in his life before he could confidently identify God in such a way that we read in Psalm 23. Each of us is on our own walk with Jesus, and it will take a life time for us to know Him. Break into smaller groups and share where you are at in the journey of following Jesus, and share accountability for what God is saying to you today, and what you plan to do about it.

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