Jesus the Game Changer

Many of the values which society holds as essential for a positive community and which allow people to flourish, find their foundational roots in the life and teaching of Jesus. We become so familiar with our cultural norms that we forget how much the impact of the teachings of Jesus has had into so many areas of our lives.


Read Matthew 25:34-39. To help get a good understanding of the passage, try to describe what is happening or being said in your own words. Take a moment to reflect and note down what stands out as important, significant or meaningful to you. What does this passage tell us about God? What does this passage tell us about people? How does this passage change how we live?


1. Would you describe religion as a force for good or evil? Discuss.

2. Can you name some areas of our culture where you can identify the lasting influence of Jesus? Discuss.

3. After Jesus’ crucifixion, what did He leave on earth? Discuss.

4. What part do you play in Jesus’ strategy of changing the world one person at a time? Discuss.

5. How would you explain to a friend or colleague how Jesus was and is a “game changer,” either personally or in society? (Jesus is still No.1 influencer based on Wikipedia research)

6. Have you ever thought of Paul as being a transformed jihadist (Acts 9:1-5)? Discuss.


When you realise that secular research still identifies Jesus as the most significant influencer in our society, how does your heart respond to this truth in a world which can seem so dark and broken? Spend some time in God’s presence, worshipping Him, acknowledging Him, enjoying His closeness and hearing His voice.


Watch full sermon – Jesus the Game Changer (Guest speaker: Karl Faase)