Getting Others to Jesus

Part 1

In the beginning of Mark 2, we see a group of friends helping one of their mates who is physically paralysed. In hindsight, it is a great success story – someone came to Jesus with a problem and the Son of God fixed it. As we look at this story today though, we observe seven things that we can learn from these men that are applicable to our personal lives today.

Read Mark 2:1-5

  1. Read Mark 2:3. Expectation. The men with a paralysed friend came to Jesus with an expectation. What is something in your life at the present where you have a sense of anticipation of what God might want to do? What stops you from being expectant of God’s answer? Why?
  2. Read Mark 2:3. Collaboration. We are better together. Think about your family, friends, colleagues, church, or local communities. Currently many of us have more time on our hands; what can you contribute that you would not normally be able to at this time?
  3. Read Mark 2:4. Realisation. The paralysed man was still on a mat. He realised that he wouldn’t be able to come to Jesus on his own. We live in a society today that expects us to be independent. Why do you think for some people asking for help could be a challenge? How can this Life Group be one place for you to reach out for help?
  4. Read Mark 2:4. Determination. The four men knew that Jesus could resolve the situation, and they came to him with bold, determined faith. Where in your life do you need Jesus to resolve a long standing issue?
  5. Still on Mark 2:4, Imagination. They were determined, but there were blockages. Instead of being discouraged and turning back, they looked up and found a way in. What God-inspired ideas do I have that need some imagination and innovation??
  6. Read Mark 2:5. Transformation. They came for physical healing, but Jesus restored the man completely – physically, emotionally and spiritually. What is an area in your life where you need God to bring transformation today?
  7. Lastly, Eradication. The faithful men smashed down and eradicated the barrier of the roof to get their mate to Jesus. We too need to break down barriers to enable people to see Jesus in a way that they can understand. What barriers do you see at present that are preventing people from seeing Jesus? What can you do to eradicate them?



What is one of the seven key words that you probably would not connect to this reading? Take each of these seven words for the next week – one per day – and apply it in your life and your circumstances. May you discover how God has been waiting for you to come to Him so that he may transform you to be more like Him.

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