Don’t Waste the Wait

Part 1

We see in the Bible that time and time again God brings His people to a season of waiting. It could be a short period of time, or it could take more than forty years — such as the time between the Israelites’ escape from Egypt and their crossing over the Jordan river into the promised land. No matter how short or long our wait is, let’s not waste our time in the wait. God is doing something in you, for you, and through you at this time. Don’t miss it.

Read Joshua 4:1-24

  1. How do you feel about waiting? Why does waiting irritate the vast majority of people?
  2. The Old Testament tells of how God provided for the Israelites during their long season in the wilderness. Looking back in the past few weeks, how has God provided for you? What are the things that you have not been grateful for?
  3. Read Romans 5:3-5. The Apostle Paul reminds us that God is developing something in us when we face trials. Considering the current reality that we live in as a trial, what aspects in your life do you currently feel God is working on in you? How are you responding to Him in this matter?
  4. Read Matthew 7:9-11. The good gifts we receive from our Heavenly Father surely will bless us and can be a blessing for others, too. Name a couple of things that you believe are God’s good gifts for you. How can you use them to bless others?
  5. Read Ephesians 2:10. Paul writes that believers are God’s workmanship. What is your understanding of this verse? Why do we need to participate in His Kingdom’s influence? How can you best enable God to work through you?
  6. Read Habakkuk 1:5. Rest assured that God will bring us to the end of the current pandemic and we too will be “utterly amazed”. What will you take from this season that will act as a “memorial” in your life?


If we were to make a list of how God have shown His love and provision for us, surely it would be an ever-growing list that would not end in our lifetime. Our response as His disciples is to be the conduit of His love to other people. Know that every day, He is working in you, for you, and through you. The question is: How can you show God’s love this week?

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