The amazing thing that happened at the Ascension was, Jesus returned to heaven and entrusted His mission on earth into our hands. By giving us the Holy Spirit, each of us are equipped to share Jesus into our particular network.


Read Luke 24:46-53. To help get a good understanding of the passage, try to describe what is happening or being said in your own words. Take a moment to reflect and note down what stands out as important, significant or meaningful to you. What does this passage tell us about God? What does this passage tell us about people? How does this passage change how we live?


1. Why is the ascension a pivotal moment in history? Discuss. (Luke 9:51)

2. Knowing that we are uniquely gifted and placed for God’s activity, how do you identify where God is at work in your network?

3. The disciples were described as unschooled and ordinary men, and these were who Jesus entrusted with reaching the world. We are qualified to be His disciples. Where are you being “good news”?

4. Jesus does not leave us alone to minister, but promises us the gifting and power of the Holy Spirit to guide, empower and equip us. Discuss.

5. What does the equipping power of the Holy Spirit look like for you personally?


To be good news to people we need to be in relationship with people who need to know Jesus. This will look very different each time it happens. Pray and ask God to show you where He is already at work in your network and where you can join Him.


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