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Investing in a Kingdom Legacy

Fundraising Progress

This year our target is $2 million.


$39,323 Raised
$2 million Target


$993,629.44 raised


$1.033 million Raised
$35 million Target
(To be confirmed)

"My hopes and dreams for the future at Crossway are to invite my friends to Youth group"

— Mackenzie

"To think that we are now ministering to the needy outside the church, it’s great, and I’d like to see more of that into the future."

— John

"With time God makes the impossible possible"

— Stuart Robinson

On Vision Sunday I shared that we are looking to do a major facility expansion in the realm of $35 million. We are looking to raise $2 million in 2020 for a future fund to demonstrate capacity and commitment towards this project.

The development will allow more people to hear the good news of Jesus in welcoming and engaging physical environments. We are growing and it is time to plan for the future.

The project will intentionally provide more “community facing” facilities and make Crossway more visible to the surrounding neighbourhood. We believe that other campuses remain part of our future and this initiative will provide a solid foundation for future growth.

Each and every one of us has a part to play and together we can impact our local community, city, nation and the nations for Jesus. If 2500 families give $2.20 per day (less than a cup of coffee) for 365 days, we would reach $2 million, however it is not about equal giving but equal sacrifice. For some of us $2.20 would be a struggle and for others it would be very easy. How much could you give towards this generational project each month? Please discuss it with your family and pray about how God would use your generosity to see disciples multiply into the future.

Dale Stephenson
Senior Pastor

Bold Faith

Every generation has its time. In 1952, a small group met in a Blackburn lounge room and formed a fellowship. By 1954 they had built a hall and appointed their first part-time pastor. In 1962 the growing church relocated and in the 1970s a pastoral team was established and the buildings extended. Land was purchased on Vision Drive during 1990 and in 1995, Blackburn Baptist Church relocated to our current site and a year later was renamed Crossway Baptist Church.

A Living Invitation

Since then, our community of believers has continued to grow. For 25 years we’ve maximised our space. We’ve added extra worship services and built around, under and next to the auditorium.

Behind this major expansion project is our compelling vision to see disciples multiplied across our city, nation and the nations.

With a pioneering past and enduring faith in the future, we are ready to step forward with a living invitation for people who are yet to come. Now is the time — it’s our time — to seize Kingdom opportunities and shape Kingdom legacy!

Seizing kingdom opportunities

We are set to embark on our largest, most ambitious, faith-filled expansion – a generational project that will bless the next generation and beyond. Now is the time for our next big step of faith.

• A bold new building footprint that makes room for the next generation

• New community spaces 

• Expanded auditorium that meets Crossway needs on weekends and is available to community groups during the week

• Hundreds more people and families on site at Crossway throughout the week

“Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.”
- Proverbs 16:3