Missionary Profile: Steve & Michelle Addison

Steve and Michelle are catalysts for movements that multiply disciples and churches. They lead MOVE, an Australian based mission agency. They mobilize, train, mentor and shape the lives of movement pioneers around the world. Steve’s books, blog and podcasts have influenced thousands globally.

“On a recent trip back to the UK we were training leaders as we do. We went out into Tilbury in England’s south with one local team. My partner was Paul, a Nigerian-British member of the team. Paul works four twelve hour shifts a week caring for the aged. He’s out sharing the other three days a week with the team. Their aim is to reach the four thousand households of Tilbury. He took me out visiting homes and offering to pray for people. We met Ann on the street as she rode along in her mobility scooter. We prayed for her and shared the good news. Ann turned and believed and arranged for Paul to visit her with one of the women on the team.”

Steve and Michelle have four adult children and two grandchildren.