What is Wintercamp?

Wintercamp is our annual youth camp for high schoolers at Crossway. This is the spiritual high point of the youth ministry year, and a crucial week in our annual calendar. There will be opportunities for worship, team challenges and relevant biblical teaching from a guest speaker. It’s been said that a week of Wintercamp is worth the same in building relationship as an entire semester of Friday Night youth services. It’s a highlight that you certainly don’t want to miss.

Financial Assistance

We don’t want finances to be a hinderance for any young person to engage in Wintercamp. For any financial assistance enquiries, please email natalie.mazzei@crossway.org.au


School, exams, relationships, mental health, current events in our world – there are so many reasons why young people of today feel overwhelmed. In this elective, we will explore what it means to “cast all your anxieties to Him” and practice Godly mindfulness.

God has provided us with many powerful gifts. This elective will allow you to explore and nurture those gifts. It may be healing, prophecy, wisdom, understanding, leadership and many more. Come and join us as we explore what our giftings may be and how we can use them to honour God.

Join us as together we rediscover fundamental truths written in the Bible that stand against the lies of the world. As we explore the power of speaking God’s truth over our lives! 

Everyone always says “trust God’s plan” whenever we feel anxious but what does it actually look like to trust God’s plan when anxiety fills our hearts? Together in this elective, we’ll break it down and look at how to actually come to a point of trusting God’s plan and heart for us even through the irrationality that anxiety creates.

Do you struggle to say yes to God? Does it feel like a tug-of-war whenever you think God wants you to say something? Can’t find the courage to do what God wants you to do? This is a safe space to get real about these feelings and explore together how we can start moving towards ‘yes!’.

The Bible is sometimes hard to understand and is from so long ago, so how can we really trust what’s written in it? How do we understand the words written and the meanings with such a different world today? Together we’ll explore these questions to better understand the Word and what it means to us today! 

Learn in this elective how to take portraits like a pro! We’ll look at techniques, lighting and everything needed to take great photos. No experience needed. Max 10 signups so get in quick!

Music fills our everyday lives and has so much power in the way it influences us and impacts our hearts and situations. Together we’ll be exploring how God used music to intercede in the Bible and how, through music, he does the same for us today. 

With so many controversial topics surrounding our lives and filling our conversations it can be hard to know how to navigate them well. Together we’ll look at a few tough topics and how we can be involved in these conversations and ultimately honour God!

Why do we live our lives as Christians? What’s the purpose of living differently to everyone else? What does it mean to ‘live in the world but not of the world’? Join us as we explore the Bible to answer these questions and find the kind of life Jesus has for us! 

In this elective, we’ll explore a different form of our usual praise: dancing! Dancing is a way that people can connect with God, and sometimes when God calls us to move with our body, something incredible happens! Join us as we improvise dance and talk about the spiritual impact of it. No dance experience needed! 

All around us, our friends and family are struggling through answering life’s big questions about relationships, mental health, gender, faith and more. In this elective, we’ll explore how we can help them through it all while sharing with them the peace and comfort Jesus brings!

Prayer plays a huge part in our personal relationship with God and in the lives of others. So how should we pray? What does it look like? How does it make a difference? Join this elective to find out! 

Jesus said to his disciples that He is ‘the way, the truth and the life’, but what did he mean? Together we’ll explore this passage in the Bible and discover what Jesus meant and what it means for us today!

Sharing the gospel with those around us can sometimes be hard and a little scary, but how good is it that faith comes from hearing the word about Christ, so all we have to do is share it! Join us in this elective to chat about how we can share the gospel confidently with those around us.

Are you interested in learning how to teach and preach? How to share the truth about Jesus from the platform? Join this elective to work on your preaching skills and work towards our next CY Youth 2 Youth night!

Questions & Answers

We are planning for a fully in-person, uninterrupted Wintercamp for the first time in three years! However, in the unlikely event of government restrictions influencing Wintercamp this year, we will fully refund all registrations. 

27th June-1st July

$355 per child. We don’t want finances to be a hinderance for any young person to engage in Wintercamp. For any financial assistance enquiries, please email natalie.mazzei@crossway.org.au

CYC Philip Island Adventure Resort 

Yes, your young person will receive this at the beginning of Wintercamp week.

Wintercamp is full of spiritual and social encounters! A bunch of games, messages, worship sessions, small group discussions and a lot MORE!

You’ll be placed in a cabin with your small group but if you have any specific requests, you will be able to make a note on the registration page. We will aim to accommodate these requests as best we can!