Chiang Rai Operation Dawn Appeal

Chiang Rai Operation Dawn is a drug rehabilitation village located in Thailand. It's close to our heart at Crossway as members of our Chinese congregation have engaged with the work over several years and seen God doing great things in the lives of former drug addicts. Your support is needed to continue this work and cover the costs of urgent practical needs.

About Operation Dawn

Operation Dawn consists of three main ministries: 

Gospel drug rehabilitation centre helping drug addicts overcome addiction with a holistic biblical approach. 

Samuel’s House, a children’s hostel committed to protecting orphans and children of drug addicted parents by nurturing them in a drug-free and godly environment, equipping them with education and a family-oriented home and upbringing.

Disciple training centre that trains and equips rehabilitated drug addicts to become committed workers for the Lord. 

Operation Dawn is in need of substantial capital commitment to ensure its longevity. Our faith target is $50,000, and with your generosity, together we can see this vital work continue to renew the lives of people formerly lost to drugs, and bring hope and stability to their children. 

Your generosity will go towards these urgent capital needs

New discipleship Training Centre

AU $30,000

Funds are needed for the purchase and installation of a 50KW electricity compressor unit, interior equipment and furniture (overhead projector, computers, wardrobes, office desk, study desks, bookshelves, etc).  

Samuel’s House Compound Wall

AU $10,000

The current fence around this children’s hostel is made of bamboo which has been broken, enabling intruders and drug addicts to invade the compound, placing the children at risk. The building of a concrete compound wall is urgently needed. 

Secure Well for Water Storage & Clean Water

AU $10,000

Water is currently collected from the mountain. It is muddy and unfit for drinking and is insufficient in quantity during drought season. The construction of a secure well is urgently needed. 

It is our fervent prayer that you can journey alongside with us by donation and prayer to support this project.

Crossway Chiang Rai Mission Team

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