Crossway’s Covid Policy

We are all one in Christ (Eph 4.4-6). This transcends whether we are people who are vaccinated, people who are not vaccinated, people who are vaccine hesitant or people who are unable to be vaccinated. Our commitment to one another transcends our diversity of thought about covid-19 and vaccination. We are lovingly committed to one another while we maintain best known practice for living with covid-19.

This page outlines Crossway’s general covid policy. For specific information about attending a service, please visit our Worship Services page.

This seminar is intended for discussion purposes only; for individual health advice please consult your GP.

Questions & Answers

For information about attending a service, please visit our Worship Services page.

Crossway, like many sectors, is required by the Government to see proof of vaccination upon entry into the buildings.

Yes. People with a vaccine exemption have the same entry permission as those who have been vaccinated.

Yes. Anyone may attend outdoor worship services on Crossway campuses, with no reference to vaccination status. 

No person will be treated like a modern day leper. All people deserve to be treated with dignity, love and respect. In the process of learning to live with covid-19 the ability to demonstrate that any person is not a risk to other vulnerable people will be required for gatherings. The basis of this is to create safe environments for vulnerable people and to show loving respect to those who, for a time, will have requirements placed upon them for the safety of vulnerable people.

Crossway encourages people to consult their medical professional about the appropriateness of vaccination for themselves.

Vaccination is required for entry to the facility by the Government. Team Crossway members will therefore be required to be vaccinated if their engagement is at the facility. Crossway does not see this matter as one of civil disobedience. We shall be seeking to create a safe environment for all in attendance. Some team members engage off site and vaccination for these people may not be required.

Worldwide data shows kids are at extremely low risk of severe illness from covid-19. Nevertheless Crossway will align to broader community practices in creating a safe environment for our kids and youth. When schooling is a shared space for both children who are vaccinated and unvaccinated, Crossway Kids will also be a shared space. There will likely be a transitional period where there are regulations around this and Crossway will align with the law in this regard.

All of Crossway’s care options continue to be active whether a person is vaccinated or not. The LifeCare Centre and operations have not ceased in the pandemic and the various care options through Pastors and Life Groups have continued too.

In line with the current government guidelines, groups are again able to gather in private homes. It is recommended that all be vaccinated.