Dear friends, 
One of the greatest privileges I celebrate at Crossway is being part of a wonderful, serving team. It’s great to lock arms with people who share a common purpose and know that as we serve together we are making a Kingdom difference, while also deepening relationships and building community.
Throughout October and November we are inviting the Crossway community to prayerfully consider the many opportunities there are to sign up and join #TeamCrossway in our existing Sunday services at both our Burwood East and South East campuses and our new Saturday service, which we launch on 17 February next year.
Led by the Spirit, we are excited to be transitioning our existing Burwood East Sunday evening service to 5pm Saturdays and you could be part of this history-making move by joining #TeamCrossway and helping birth this new worship experience. 
There are so many ways you can offer your unique gifts in the service of others at Crossway. From serving in Kidspace, to serving on the Welcome Team, joining our Prayer or Care teams, serving in the car park, hosting at Church Online, signing up for the Production Team or joining the Cafe team. 
Yes there is a place for all of us in #TeamCrossway!
For our Saturday service launch alone we need a team of 200 people ready to serve across the different ministry areas and that also creates further opportunities on Sundays as well.
So can I encourage you to prayerfully consider where you can play your part on our big Crossway team in 2018! The Scriptures remind us we are a body and for the body to function effectively we all have a part to play. And as we serve, we are also privileged to come alongside others and deepen our sense of belonging.
Here’s how can you find out more or sign up for #TeamCrossway. It’s as simple as this:
  1. You can click here to read more the many different roles available  
  2. You can email with any questions or with a sign up request. 
  3. You can visit our #TeamCrossway Desk that will be in the Burwood East foyer throughout October and November. Within just a few minutes we can gather your details and connect you with a staff member in the ministry area of your interest 
  4. For those seeking more information about serving at South East campus, you can email
In preparation for our Saturday service launch we would also like to specifically invite those who worship on a regular basis in our 10.15am Burwood East service to prayerfully consider making a 12-month commitment to joining our 5pm Saturday service. Our 10.15am service is often a full house and we do need to create more space for others in the community to join us at this service time. By shifting with your family to 5pm, which will include a full Kidspace and cafe experience, you can help us birth a new chapter in Crossway’s history. 
Throughout 2017 we have been praying “Come Holy Spirit”. Can I invite you to join me in this prayer again as we ask God to show us where we are best positioned to serve Jesus and others at Crossway. Can you also join us in praying for the successful launch of our Saturday service in February.
Let’s celebrate the privilege of team. You can join #TeamCrossway today. 
Be part of the change, serve Jesus, serve others and find your unique place in the great Crossway team!
Scott Pilgrim
Executive Pastor