We live in a broken world and in our brokenness we form distinctive behavioural patterns which leave us empty, devalued and insecure. Our courses aim to tackle these issues in a safe, caring environment and bring God’s healing into people’s situations – so that the freedom of Jesus’ promises becomes reality in our lives.



  • Search for Life
    Discover the truth of what God thinks about you and learn that in his eyes you are incredibly valuable and significant.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65
  • Mastering Your Money
    This is a course for everyone needing skills in financial management. It teaches biblical insights into finance, combined with practical budgeting skills.
    Duration: 5 sessions
    Cost: $55
  • Making Marriage Better
    Making Marriage Better is designed to enhance or rebuild your marriage. It encourages change and growth by unpacking biblical truths about mutual love and respect, communication, the investment of time, honouring, conflict management, intimacy, forgiveness and contentment.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65 single or $85 per couple
  • Divorce Care
    Divorce Care is designed to help people recover from the trauma of separation and divorce. Divorce care combines relevant teaching and sustained interaction within a small group setting, offering practical help and support in a nurturing environment.
    Duration: 13 sessions
    Cost: $85
  • Woman to Woman
    This program encourages women to take a close look at their relationships and their world. It is designed to give insight into family dynamics, personal attitudes, beliefs and values, and strategies for change. It is a lifestyle tool for the prevention of future family stress and teaches the elements needed to produce healthy and fulfilling relationships.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65
  • Man to Man
    Man to man explores past and present issues; it examines the effects of family background on the way men think, feel and behave and the values that influence choices. The program assists men to take responsibility for making positive changes. Participants will gain personal insight, support from other men and skills for living a successful life.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65Click here to register
  • Valiant Man
    This program is designed to fortify and restore the moral and spiritual integrity of men. Learning to handle the pressure of male sexuality is one of the skills a man must acquire if he is to be successful in his personal life, his home life and his spiritual development. Valiant Man challenges you to be willing to fight for your own moral and spiritual vitality and to help other men fight for theirs.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65
  • Understanding Your Valiant Man
    The Understanding Your Valiant Man program is designed as a companion course for Valiant Man. Valiant Man aims to give men greater insight into their own sexuality and provides skills to manage this with integrity. Understanding Your Valiant Man follows the journey the men undertake, and helps women understand the men in their lives.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65
  • Love, Sex and Dating
    Dating and relationships can be tough, so how can we navigate them well? Andy Stanley in his course Love, Sex and Dating explores the challenges, assumptions and land mines associated with dating. Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic.
    Duration: 4 sessions
    Cost: $25
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    The Healthy Lifestyle program was developed for adult women of any age who are seeking to unlock their physical and spiritual potential. It equips and empowers women to live a healthy lifestyle by making positive changes to attitudes, thoughts and behaviours through education, support and practical experience.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: TBC
  • Parents with Courage
    Designed for parents of children and adolescents from Grade 5 to Year 9, this course will equip parents with skills to help their children journey more smoothly through these challenging transition years.
    Duration: 7 sessions
    Cost: $65 single or $85 couple
  • Kids with Courage
    The Kids with courage program is both preventative and remedial in its approach. It focuses on developing life skills and strategies in an atmosphere that is safe and supportive. The topics explored by the children provide opportunity for major change in their thinking, processing of emotions and in their behaviour.
    Duration: 7 sessions
    Cost: $30
  • Door of Hope
    Door of Hope is a supportive and encouraging program for female survivors of sexual abuse. It looks at the significant life effects of abuse and identifies the powerful negative emotions and self-talk that influence a participant’s view of herself. It also examines the way defence mechanisms and self-contempt affect relationships and intimacy. It normalises many of the participant’s struggles, provides increased insight through teaching, and empowers women to bring positive change into their lives.
    Duration: 10 sessions
    Cost: $65
  • Reason 2 Rise
    Reason 2 Rise is a recovery program for women who experience depression symptoms or have a recurring problem with depression. The program will help you understand what depression is, help you identify possible causes and triggers of your depressive symptoms and explore a range of different ways most people who struggle with depression have found useful in recovering and managing it long term.
    Duration: 12 sessions
    Cost: $80
  • Facilitator Training
    This is a great teaching tool to equip any small group leader, including Lifekeys facilitators, to effectively lead and disciple small groups. Gain understanding of group dynamics, leadership intervention styles, training in pastoral care, discipling and group leadership.
    Duration: 7 sessions
    Cost: $65

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Saturday and Wednesday morning English language classes for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Wednesday classes are held at Maroondah Federation Estate and Saturday classes are held at Crossway.

Wednesday classes are financially supported by Maroondah City Council and we acknowledge their support with thanks.
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